Time to Take Your Skin Care to the Next Level? 

Let's create a personalized skin care regimen based on your lifestyle & skin goals.

Single Consultation Rs 3500 Only

tarun dosanjh

Tarun Dosanjh

                                       Clean Beauty Skin Care Coach

Tarun Dosanjh

                 Clean Beauty Skin Care Coach

What You'll Get During This Skin Care Consultation Call

Identify Your  Skin Concerns

We will discuss all your skin concerns to get complete clarity on what needs to be done in order to achieve your skin goals. 

Evaluate Your Current Skin Care Regime

We will go through your skincare products that you are currently using, and decide on which ones can be continued to use in your new skincare routine.

We will also identify the ones that can be discontinued or be used in a different way.

Personalized Skin Care Plan

A skincare plan be formulated specifically for you, keeping your skin concerns and needs in mind .

A detailed morning and evening skincare routine will be given according to your current lifestyle, keeping in mind the amount of time you can spare in the mornings and evenings.

Product Recommendations

Specific products will be recommend (including some home remedies), adding a few skin care products that will be most effective and help in taking your skin health to another level.

The Right Way To Use Skin Care Products

The right order and specific sequence of each skincare product will be explained in order to increase the efficacy, and proper absorption of the products. 

Diet & Nutrition Recommendations

For great looking skin, what you put inside of your body is as important as what you apply on the outside.

You'll get quick tips and tricks to add beauty boosting and nutrient rich foods in your diet, and the star foods you should add to your diet to support radiant, younger looking skin.

tarun dosanjh

About Tarun Dosanjh

I am an aesthetician & skincare coach, and have been in the beauty business for the past 20 years, and in this time I have learnt what it takes us women to look our absolute best, using a blend of clean, organic and botanical based skin care products.

Why They Recommend Having a Skin Care Consultation Call

Here's what some of Tarun's clients are saying...

Pooja Sharma


I know Tarun for more than 10 years ... she is now in full control of my facial skin ... totally love her dedication . My skin has shown tremendous transformation...can't wait for my next appointment!!

Pixi Jaswal


So knowledgable..and so much insight! Thank you for helping out with all my skincare questions. So glad to have found your expertise!

So knowledgable..and so much insight! Thank you for helping out with all my skincare questions. So glad to have found your expertise!

Mon Bhelley


I've known Tarun since more then 15 years now. In-fact I was her client and then became friends due to her beautiful nature.


For me to trust someone with skin is a big thing as when I first went to her, I had massive acne issues (literally it was hard to even touch my own face), but she and her staff services were excellent!.

 I became her biggest fan after just 1 treatment and that was the beginning of end number of times I've visited her.

I cannot think of going to anyone else in Chandigarh, India but her.

At her clinic, you will find affordability, hygiene, customer services and best therapy according to your skin type.

Tarun is fantastic with her skin advice and hence can guide anyone appropriately.

Whenever I visit India, she will always be my go to person for all my beauty/ skin needs. Highly recommend her. I wish I could give more then 5 stars as 5 is not enough.

What Are You Waiting For? Let's Get Your Skin Glowing Again!

Single Consultation Rs 3500 Only

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