October 15


How To Deal With Maskne

By Tarun Dosanjh

October 15, 2020


tarun wearing a mask

A coronavirus mask is now officially a part of our daily outfit. Masks provide a layer of protection and though it’s very important to wear a mask, it can also irritate the skin, clog the pores, and flare up acne breakouts.

Masks act like occlusive barriers, which means they trap makeup and lead to clogged pores and breakouts.

Maskne is the term used for breakouts caused by wearing masks.
Here is what you can do to avoid maskne and keep your skin healthy while protecting yourself from the virus.

1.Wear the right type of mask. To avoid acne look for masks that are made of natural , breathable fabric like cotton, are comfortable to wear while being snug and also should be soft on the inside especially if you are dealing with active acne at the moment.

2.Wear Clean masks. Makeup, dirt and oil from the mask can aggravate the problem especially if you are reusing the mask without washing it. Also, residue from the makeup from the last wear can lead to acne flare up.

3.Skip the makeup when wearing a mask. Makeup is more likely to clog your pores and lead to acne. Use oil free or non comedogenic makeup if you must.

Use these 3 simple tips to reduce the frequency and intensity of acne breakouts due to wearing masks for prolonged periods of time.

Tarun Dosanjh

About the author

Tarun Dosanjh is an aesthetician & skincare coach who has been in the beauty business for the past 20 years.

She has been helping Indian women look their absolute best, using a blend of clean, organic and botanical based skin care products.

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