April 27


5 Tips to Step Up Your Skin Game This Summer

By Tarun Dosanjh

April 27, 2018

The scorching heat of the Indian summer is here.

Are you ready for the hot and dusty summer days?

More importantly, is your skin ready?

Wearing skimpy clothes may cool you down but the struggle of keeping the skin bright and glowing in hot summer days is definitely a challenge.

The outdoor activities like taking the kids for after school classes, taking them swimming and going out for lunches with friends. Summer definitely gets you out and about.

And with that comes the pressure of keeping the skin in good condition and saving it from the harmful effects of sun-rays and the pollution.

But the good news is that in spite of all the dust and grime and the harmful UVA rays, you can still maintain a healthy glowing skin, if you follow these 5 simple suggestions.

1.Drink up

Drink more hydrating drinks, more fruit infused water, lemonades and smoothies in summer.

In this heat, we tend to lose more water by sweating excessively, by being out in the dry heat of the sun too much, or just by being continuously in the dehydrating air of the air-conditioners all day long.

Even if you are not engaged in strenuous activity, you tend to sweat more in the heat and humidity

The hydration levels of the body need to be replenished and restored otherwise it starts to show on the skin in the form of discolouration, sun burns and even wrinkles .

The easiest and the best way to do so is by sipping these hydrating drinks through out the day.

Fruits infused water is super beneficial as a summer drink. Water with fresh berries and fruits is a much better choice than just plain water.

Especially fruits high in vitamin c like pineapple, strawberries, kiwi, oranges, grapefruit, blackcurrant etc. can be infused in the regular drinking water to make a vitamin drink.

Vitamin C is great to deal with summer heat as it helps the body to fight against the development of the heat related illness and heat stress.

2.Don’t forget to exfoliate.

Sometimes the damage done to the skin by the striking sun and the environmental pollution can leave some irreversible problems like dark spots and wrinkles.

So it’s always better to deal with it in time. The best way to do this is by regularly exfoliating the dead skin cells.

It becomes even more important in summers when we are more outdoors and its important to get rid of the grime and dirt.

It helps to remove the barrier of the dead skin, which clogs the pores, and helps to uncover the fresh skin cells

3.Citrus masks

The tangy fresh fruit masks are ideal for summer skin. They refresh the skin with the high hydration content and

also help to fight the signs of sun damage which can further cause wrinkles and fine lines.

Fresh fruits like strawberries; kiwis, lemon, grapefruit, melon, papaya and tomatoes can be mashed and mixed with calming clays like French pink clay or kaolin clay.

The clays help purify the clogged pores and pull out the impurities from the skin surface giving it a squeaky clean, revitalised look.

4.Go easy on the junk

Go easy on food that is high in oil, sugar and carbohydrates in summer. It can lead to breakouts and congestion on the skin.

Also the high content of salt in fast food leads to water retention. This can result in puffy eyes and unwanted swelling on the face.

5.Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is an excellent way to slough off the dead skin all over your body and give you clear shining skin to flaunt summer clothes.

Dry brushing gently exfoliates the dead skin of the body and even helps in blood circulation giving the skin a flushing glow.

Do it before the shower by making gentle circular motions with the brush, starting from the legs up the shoulders.

It will leave your skin looking and feeling incredibly clean.

So now you don’t have worry about the soaring temperature and the effect it can have on your skin.

You can still have a great skin and enjoy the summer too.

Tarun Dosanjh

About the author

Tarun Dosanjh is an aesthetician & skincare coach who has been in the beauty business for the past 20 years.

She has been helping Indian women look their absolute best, using a blend of clean, organic and botanical based skin care products.

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